The Pokemon Elite are ready for action!

Brief Summary: Based in the Pokemon world, with the action of Dragon Ball Z, starring Sonic the Hedgehog style pokemon characters and their clueless trainer. The Comic's History: Pokemon Elite is a fan webcomic Will Boyer created back in 1999 that saw a good internet fan base until its demise. A great deal of cross overs were completed with other writers, such as A.K.'s fan fiction, "Chronicles of the Elite," Hawk's fan fiction involving the adventures of a trainer partnered with a Celebi, and the fan fiction "Justin's Journeys." Personal Note From the Cartoonist: These are OLD scans and in no way represent my current abilities. This is a test to see if reviving the comic is worth my time and trouble. If this old comic takes off I will complete the story and possibly redraw what I've already made. That means, IF ANY OF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE THIS COMIC LOOKING AS NICE AS MY OTHER WORK AND WITH A FINISHED STORY, YOU HAVE TO COMMENT AND SAY SO. Thanks.

Jun 21 2017 02:48 pm

This is a Dead Project

Hey, everyone!

This may be completely unnecessary, but I thought I'd leave a note to let everyone know that this is and has been a dead project for some time. It will never be picked back up.

However, to check out my more recent and more professional works, please see my other comics here on Smackjeeves, as well as these websites below:

Thank you!

- Your cartoonist, William Boyer

Apr 16 2009 09:44 am

It's Over 900!

Sorry for the lame title.

Anyway, the views for the comic have surpassed over 1,100 page views and 85 visitors since the comic was placed here online at Smack Jeeves, which was 16 days ago on March the 30th. That's really fast! It must be because of there being so many pages, but Huzzah!

Hope ya'll continue liking the comic!

Apr 03 2009 10:12 am

Progressive Re-Re-Release

Not many people have noticed the comic, so I've decided to eventually set the comics to be re-released here by setting future release dates. This way it will hopefully reappear in the "UPDATED" comics list at least daily until it gets to the last page, page 66. If you want more, comment and tell me.

The comic will update once a day at 12 noon until June 7th when it will have reached its end, pg 66.

NOTE: I have discovered, with all luck and amazement, that it appears one can view all 66 pages despite their release date having not yet occurred. So, therefore, you all have lucked out in case you want to read the whole thing but can't wait until June. Hopefully the comic will still be listed as "UPDATED" on the Smack Jeeves front page in order to draw attention, but otherwise I hope you all enjoy the comic! :-)

~Cartoonist Will

P.S. - Please check out my other comics here on Smack Jeeves!

Apr 03 2009 07:42 am

Pokemon Elite Re-Visited

Pokemon Elite is finally online - AGAIN!

Hello, all! This is Will Boyer, the cartoonist. I did this Pokemon fan manga back in 1999 to about 2001. It enjoyed a good amount of success and fan base and many cross overs were done with other fan fictions at the time, including "Chronicles of the Elite" and some stories by a guy with the alias Hawk, as well as the fan fiction, "Justin's Journeys," which follows the adventures of a character that would be given a large supporting role in Pokemon Elite.

Please be lenient on me for the artwork as this was drawn 10 years ago back in 1999. I'm testing whether or not people still like the coming in preparation for a commissioned spin-off comic loosely in the same canon as this series, as well possibilities of completing this story or remaking it.

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